Four Social Benefits Of An Aged Care Facility

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Four Social Benefits Of An Aged Care Facility

28 November 2022
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Aged care facilities are popular for many reasons. They offer peace of mind to those who have loved ones who need extra help and care.

But there are also other benefits that you may not be aware of. Aged care facilities can bring families together, foster new friendships and offer an opportunity for older people to feel like part of a community.

Here are four social benefits of an aged care facility.

1. Aged Care Provides Daily Socialisation Activities 

In addition to providing meals and housekeeping services, many aged care facilities also offer daily socialisation activities such as exercise classes and games. These activities can help seniors stay active and healthy while providing an opportunity for them to interact with other people their age. Daily activities may include things such as breakfast clubs and lunch clubs, exercise classes including aqua aerobics and yoga or indoor and outdoor activities such as bingo or bushwalking.

2. Aged Care Facilities Provide A Great Space For Regular Celebrations And Holidays 

Aged care facilities can be great places for seniors to celebrate the holidays with their fellow residents. Some facilities have special events such as Christmas and Easter birthday parties and Valentine's Day celebrations. These activities may be organised by staff members or by volunteers who come in to help out on a regular basis.

3. Aged Care Facilities Provide A Great Place For Family To Visit 

Aged care facilities can be great places for families to visit their loved ones. Some facilities have dedicated visiting hours during which residents are allowed time with their families. These visits may take place either in the facility or at a nearby park, depending on the weather conditions. Visits can be a great way to keep in touch with the outside world and help residents feel less isolated. 

4. Aged Care Provides Residents With Trips And Outings

Aged care facilities provide residents with the opportunity to go on trips and outings. These can range from day trips to nearby parks and beaches, evening excursions such as dinner at a restaurant or movie night, to longer holidays such as camping or travel overseas. Trips are an excellent way for elderly people to get out in the fresh air while also enjoying some time with their friends.

Social interaction is one of the biggest benefits of living in an aged care facility. Aged care facilities provide a range of social activities which help to keep residents active, engaged, and happy. Chat with your local aged care facility today to find out more.